Kevin Tran   |   http://kevintran.co

"A set of 3 professional CV’s for marketing and brand strategist Amanda Lee."

Kevin is a Sydney-born artist and multidisciplinary designer currently living and working in London, United Kingdom. When he’s not painting or hanging out with the Adobe suite, you’ll find him trawling through soundcloud or cutting some shapes on the dancefloor. He believes in the pairing of strong ideas and strategic thinking with beautifully crafted execution to produce visual concepts that are engaging, meaningful and memorable.

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The Twisted Valley

The twisted valley aims to recover the pedestrian’s traffic footprint. Since the channeling works that were made in the 70s definitely skewed Elche’s Canyon continuity. 

by Grupo Aranea




Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 11/02/2014

SideEffects   |   http://sideeffectsprint.com

Side Effects is a carefully created art graphics collection and an online shop for art lovers. Our idea is to present and distribute high quality contemporary art graphics of young aspiring authors from all around the world. Side Effects collection promotes their uniqueness and celebrates the best contemporary art of both emerging and established artists. These art graphics reflect a broad range of styles, ideas and perceptions, communicating something we consider to be the finest art of today.  

Side Effects collection aspires to enrich your living and working spaces, providing a breath of fresh air in your home, office, mountain cottage in the woods, seaside cabin, or your lover’s hideout. With their cutting-edge design, great production quality and fine aesthetics, all Side Effects art graphics are produced in limited series of one hundred pieces with a hand signed serial number X/100. Side Effects collection is ever growing, with numerous outstanding authors and art graphics still to come, so be sure to follow us regularly.

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INK Studio   |   http://inkstudio.be

"Intern project made by INK studio, with participation of: Julien Braeckvelt / n-d-d (www.n-d-d.be), Yann Platis, Cédric Philippi / Cid (www.thecid.be), Jessica Sieben, Kévin Stranart, Thibaut van Boxtel / Vébé (www.vebe.be) and William Mirante (www.mirante.be).”

INK studio is a highly creative agency based in Brussels / Belgium providing visual communication solutions for corporate identities or cultural projects.
Graphic Design, Web Solutions, Illustration, Photography and Motion Design.

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Empatía®   |   http://helloempatia.com

"With simple treats this newly coffee bar offers high quality coffee products in the city of Chicago, United States. Looking for a simple yet stylish brand, they approach empatía® to create their whole image.We designed a strong, seductive & elegant brand down to the last detail, including packaging and stationery. Where lie the roots of this brand? A simple expression of a simple business idea."

Empatía® is an Argentinian-based design agency operating in a global marketplace. Founded in 2013, by designer & creative Nicolás Vasino and his brother and Marketing Director Jonathan Vasino, this ultramodern studio is fond of simplicity and clean structured design, believing in the power of concept design as the operating philosophy and consistently pushing for creative innovation. We love facing new challenges. 

We are a part of a studio design that seeks to achieve the highest aesthetic, creative and conceptual excellence. We compromise ourselves with every work of the same way, working hard in every single detail.

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Anagrama   |   http://anagrama.com

"Xoclad is a high-end pastry and confectionery shop located in the Mayan Riviera. In a place bustling with tourist activity, Xoclad needed to communicate the area’s strong Mayan culture in a classy way that could never be called cliché or tacky. First, we gave its name a visual and phonetic pre-hispanic feeling that also conveyed one of the shop’s prime products: chocolate. Then we designed a labyrinth-like pattern reminiscent of antique mayan art and architecture ornamentation. The color palette consigns the brand with a sober, clean feeling that makes it modern and sweet."

Ideas exchanged generate constant inspiration. Different points of view, opposite focus conciliation and comprehension of our own views, complement our success. That is why we open our doors with the best attitude to continuously collaborate with the press and education.

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(出典: behance.net)